That New Clothes Smell

Is it just me or is there something irresistible about a new piece of clothing? It could be the most basic article of clothing, like an over sized cardigan or a white blouse, but I can’t seem to get them off my mind. For example, I find myself staring at my closet to get ready for work, date night, or the weekend and the only thing I want to wear is my latest purchase. I can’t be the only one that feels this way?

After adding a new piece of clothing to my wardrobe, I get a creative boost and can think of a thousand different ways to style that new blouse or the perfect way to style that new skirt. But give it a week and that creative rush from the week before is gone and when I go to incorporate that items into an outfit I find myself stumped.

Not to pat myself on the back, but I’ve come up with a method to capture the creative inspiration that comes from adding to your wardrobe and answer the question, “What will I wear to work today?”.

Fashion Show

“Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!” – Kelly Kapoor

To all you Office fans out there, you get the reference. While it’s not quite a fashion show at work, I do put on a “fashion show” or try on session at home after I get back from the mall or a when an online order shows up. I will put on the new shirt, skirt, blazer…you name it…and start creating outfits using other pieces I already own. My goal is to come-up with at least five different outfits that would work for different occasions (work, networking events, girls night, date night, etc.)

Capture the Look

Once I create an outfit using other pieces from my wardrobe, I accessorize the outfit with shoes and jewelry and snap a picture. At the end of a try-on session, I will have five different looks saved in my photos that I can call on when I need outfit inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved my life in the morning when getting dressed.

Organize by Style

By this point, you should start to see your camera roll filling up with pictures of outfits you’ve styled. The next step is to create different albums within your pictures application based on style, occasion or season. For example, I have my albums organized by occasion separated into business professional, business casual, evenings out and weekend. If I have a client meeting that day, I will look through my business professional collection and pick a look.

I personally have found a lot of success using things method and hope this post inspires you to try it out next you go shopping. Keep in mind that not every try-on session has to be sparked by a new purchase. If you find yourself running out of outfit ideas, carve out some time after work or on the weekend to go through your closet and curate some outfits. However and whenever you find yourself in an outfit you love, snap a picture and save it for later!

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