Home Tour: Elizabeth’s Nursery

Remember my old office?

It was only last January that it got a fresh coat of paint and a beautiful accent wall as part of my home office makeover.

Well that didn’t last long…

That room was always going to be the nursey when we started our family, we just didn’t’ realize how quickly it would be needed! We were very intentional when we painted it a neutral color and I was strategic in picking a wallpaper that was peel and stick in the event it needed to come down.

Fun fact, I was actually pregnant when we were painting the room in January and just didn’t know it yet.

I was so excited to find out we were having a girl and that my Rife Paper, Co. accent wall could stay. I joke that when I put up this wallpaper I was manifesting having a baby girl. I guess it worked!

We had a newborn shoot with the talented Meg Dunn back in October and the pictures turned out beautiful. Elizabeth’s nursery made the perfect backdrop.

Photo by Meg Dunn Photography

I had so much fun designing this space and working off the floral theme that was leftover from my home office. One thing that was very important was incorporating some very special pieces from my childhood into Elizabeth’s room. My grandfather built this bookshelf and gave it to me as a birthday present. It was designed specifically to house all my sports and diving trophies. I can’t tell you how special it is to pick a book off the shelf to read to Elizabeth at night.

Photo by Meg Dunn Photography
Photo by Meg Dunn Photography

For the mothers-to-be, I can’t stress the importance of a good chair. I absolutely love the chair we bought for the nursery. It glides, rocks, reclines AND it didn’t break the bank. At first I was hesitant on if we needed a chair that did all three motions but I am so glad it does. Those first few weeks I spent a night or two in the nursey sleeping in the recliner while Elizabeth was struggling to sleep in her crib.

This room is my new favorite room in the house. I can only hope Elizabeth loves it just as much as I do as she gets older.

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