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It only took seven months after moving in to paint and update my home office. This room was a little girl’s room before I transformed it into my home office which is why it had pale pink walls and gold polka dot stickers at the start. While I love the color pink, I was ready for a change.

I still feel so lucky to have my own dedicated office space. As some of you may know, my husband and I spent the first three months of quarantine working next to each other in the living room of our River North apartment. There were so many positives to moving out to the suburbs but one of the greatest gifts was getting our own work spaces. Not only do we have separate work spaces but they are on different floors, it’s amazing how much my productivity has gone up since have a door to close.


My office was primarily inspired by my first apartment in Evanston. Which basically means I had been holding onto my old furniture and wall art from my first apartment and was excited to design a space around my old living room rug and the antique chair that sat in the corner of my room growing up. Once I found my desk on Facebook Marketplace for $75 the vintage French country theme really came to life.


The pale pink walls and metallic gold polka dots in all it’s glory! It took a few hours to get them all off the wall and patch up a few areas.

I love the extra wide baseboards in our home.

It was amusing taking my first few Zoom calls in my new office. I got comments about the polka dots from colleagues and even clients! It was a great ice breaker when I told them what I had been up to during quarantine.


Excited to finally unveil the full extent of my office update. Some of you may have already seen my “accent” wall on Instagram but here is the other side of the room.

Still in search for a new chair but I am being so picky!

This room isn’t completely done. I need to find a better chair but have been so picky! I am holding out to find the right chair on Facebook Marketplace or a local thrift store but will likely just pull the trigger on a King Louie style chair. Plan is to pick a natural fabric so I can repurpose the chair when and if I move my work space across the hall to a guest bedroom.

The accent wall in all it’s glory. Wallpaper is peel and stick by Rifle Paper, Co.

This little corner is my absolute favorite corner of my office. It’s the perfect place to kick up your feet and read a book or articles for work. The green chair was a staple in my childhood bedroom and was excited to find a space for it on our home. The needlepoint stool was a piece I found at a local Goodwill years ago. I didn’t have a place to put it when I bought it and it still didn’t until this room came together. This French scroll mirror was a find for our wedding that my mom and I painted silver. My talented friend did hand lettering on the mirror to welcome our guests to the reception.

So many happy memories in one corner.

One of my favorite views in the room. Thank goodness most of my wardrobe matches the wallpaper!

I love having a garment rack in my office, especially thing one full of blazers that I can easily toss on when I have a client meeting.

Frames and antique flower prints are from Amazon.

I really love the botanical prints that have been really popular this year but spending over $200 for a whole set was a bit too rich for my taste. I found these antique flower prints on Amazon for $20 and inexpensive silver frames with this lovely detail. All in, this cost less than $100. The worst part was hanging these. It is by no means perfect but I did this all by myself!

My new view when I walk in the morning to start my day!

Most days you can find my buddy, Mac, laying right next to my desk taking a nap. He’s not a great assistant, most days I catch him sleeping on the job.

I hope you love my French County / “grand millennial” inspired office as much as I do! The plan is to continue to use this room as my office until I’m kicked out when we get a new roommate. Who knows when that will be so until then, you can find me working away and running the Financial Fashion Planner from here!

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