Home Tour: Primary Bedroom

I hope you all have been enjoying these home tour installments. It’s been very fun furnishing our first home together and have really enjoyed the process. Welcome to a tour of our primary bedroom! Is that what we are calling it these days, main bedroom, primary bedroom….? You get the point welcome to my sanctuary! This room is connected to my dream closet with the most gorgeous french doors and is rounded out with a en-suite bathroom.


The central element to this design was keeping our existing bedroom set that we got after our wedding. Because of the size of the space, the focus was to keep the space light and airy despite the dark wood furniture. Enter the inspiration board.


In our home, the entire upstairs area is our primary space. Up the stairs, we have the bedroom, adjourning closet and en-suite. It was really important for me to have an en-suite and grand closet which isn’t typical in older homes. We lucked out with this home in that the previous owners renovated the upstairs to have all the modern amenities we wanted.

For only having two windows in our bedroom we get a ton of natural light. The color on the walls is a green-grey color. I typically lean more blue than green when it comes to grey’s but decided to leave the walls as is until we had a better sense of how we were going to decorate the space. We will probably end up painting them at some point but not a high priority.

The built in shelf is actually a door that swings open into our attic space. The previous owners fully renovated and finished the attic space and was staged as a kid’s hangout area when we first saw the house. Not having kids, this has been the perfect off-season storage for our things.


Our bedroom has always been an after thought in the sense that we never had a theme or direction for the design. This time around, I wanted to do better and have a thought out and cohesive design. It was so much fund creating the inspiration board using our existing furniture and finding the right mix of fabrics and textures to create a light but cozy space to unwind.

Rug: Target | Comforter: HomeGoods | Lamps: HomeGoods | Nightstands: The English Daisy

In my original inspiration board I wanted these gorgeous marble top, French Navy painted nightstands from Frontgate. Did I tell you that they were $800 per table!? That was a non-starter so I started looking high and low for French Navy painted nightstands. I didn’t have any luck in that department but we did find these beautiful French inspired night stands at an antique shop down the street, so close we could have walked them home. We got matching tables for $250 total. I call that a win!

Bed: Macy’s

Primary En-Suite

Our apartment in River North had a tile shop across the street and I would day dream about my future bathroom and using marble tiles to create the perfect spa inspired bathroom. This en-suite is that spa inspired bathroom of my dreams!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of our primary bedroom. Don’t forget to check out the tours of our living room, closet and kitchen!

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