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Endless choices. Less consumption.

I recently discovered Tanya Heath Paris shoes and my life has forever been changed. Tanya Heath founded her shoe business in Paris after having a career in technology and innovation. What sets Tanya Heath Paris apart from other shoe manufacturers is that she has created shoes with removable heels. The impact of having one shoe that can serve many purposes is incredible and I can’t wait to share them with you. I would use these three words to describe Tanya Heath Paris’ product and business model: Versatile, Efficient and Sustainable.


This was the first word that popped in my head when I saw these shoes and heels. For starters, the shoes themselves are beautiful and feature classic silhouettes that belong in everyone’s closet. There are another three or four pairs of shoes that I plan to purchase but wanted to start with a basic black booties given that fall in Chicago is officially upon us. With one pair of boots, and a few sets of heels, I can achieve looks that range from casual to dressed up.

Think about all the different events that could be covered by one pair of booties!? You could pair a short block heel for the weekends when running errands, a slightly taller or thinner heel for the office and then switch it up on the weekend with a colored or designed heel for a night out with your favorite people. One pair of shoes just became three pairs of shoes. Mind blown.

Photo courtesy of @tanyaheathcanada

Another angle of versatility is how the shoes can compliment your wardrobe. You could choose a neutral heel (in varying heights) to compliment your outfit for the office but could also pick a colored heel for an added pop of color and really create a standout look. This concept of matching your heels to your outfit makes me think of my dear friend from college who would dress entirely in one at a time. Everyday she’d pick a different color to wear and every item she wore that day would be in that color or a neutral. In her case she had a multitude of gym shoes to ensure she always had a matching look. In the world of Tanya Heath, you’d only need one pair of shoes and multiple sets of heels. Much more efficient and storage friendly in my book.


Which leads us to the efficiency of these shoes. Let me start off by asking you a question…

Tanya Heath vs. Boots available at Nordstrom

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so hopefully this graphic gets across the space and economic efficiency of Tanya Heath’s brilliant shoe design. Why spend the money on three pairs of boots (and take up that space) when you could purchase one shoe and create endless combinations by switching out the heels. For my gals living in the city with limited storage space, these shoes should be a no brainier.


Boot Style: Lisa | Left Heel: Daniel in Black | Right Heel: Denis in Marquetry

This past year I have shifted my focus on sustainability and reducing my fashion footprint. To accomplish this I’ve been adding to my wardrobe items that will help that objective. I’ve gone about this by only purchasing items I love and will wear again and again, avoiding fast fashion and trendy pieces that will have a shorter lifespan in my closet, buying secondhand and finding ways to re-purpose or re-style current items. These shoes support this objective of sustainability in more ways than one.

For starters, it curtails the need to purchase multiple pairs of heels to serve different purposes or events. A basic black pump can go from your everyday work shoe to a night out with the swap of a heel. Personally, I’m excited to add a glitter heel to my boots to take them from an every day shoe to a special occasion shoe. In the past, I’ve purchased special event shoes that were worn once (or twice) and have been sitting in my closet ever since.

I also see these shoes as a sustainability play from the perspective that they will last much longer than my other shoes. I am a notorious heel ruiner. I can’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I’ve ruined because I stepped in the crack of a sidewalk or knocked my heel on the underside of my office chair (anyone else feel me!?). Once the heels has been marked up or punctured they are sadly thrown away and replaced with a new pair. If this were to happen to a pair of Tanya Heath shoes, I’d be able to save the actual shoe and just replace the heel. Much less waste!

So have I convinced you yet to check out her shoes? Interested in learning more or shopping Tanya Heath’s collection, be sure to visit her website. If you plan on checking out, be sure to use code MAUREEN10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Disclosure: Items reviewed in this post were gifted but all opinions are always my own.

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