Unapologetically Thrifted – The Clothing Edition

Some of my favorite people to follow on Instagram are #unapologeticallythrifted. While I may not always relate their use of bright colors and bold colors, I always manage to find inspiration on how to re-style a piece of clothing or pair pieces together to create a standout look.

One thing you may not know about me is that I also love thrifting for clothing, for home items, you name it. I love the treasure hunt thrill of it all. Sharing with you all today my approach to thrifting, places to shop, areas to focus on for scoring some great work pieces and sharing some of my favorite finds.

Places to Thrift


Poshmark + ThredUp

Crossroads Trading Company – some of my favorite pieces came from their location in Evanston.

Local Antique/Consignment Shops – so many great options in Chicago and the suburbs.

Areas of Focus

For the in-person treasure hunts, I’ve had the most success (which you will see in a moment) in the blazer/jackets, blouses, dresses, and skirts department. I know there are so many categories I left out but I truly have found my best thrifted pieces in theses areas. I have scored some great tops along the way but am very particular with what I pick up based on the the unique details, level of wear and material.

For online marketplaces like Poshmark, I treat them the same as shopping online and will look for things that are on my shopping list. For example, I am currently looking for a black leather pencil skirt and a camel blazer (over-sized or boyfriend style). On occasion, I’ll type in my favorite designers and have myself a scroll fest looking at the various pieces available in my size. I have definitely gotten into trouble doing this but it’s fun to do every once in awhile.

I am a very visual and tactile shopper which is why I prefer thrifting in person over online marketplaces. I love the ability to try things on while in the store (back in the day) and peruse the shopping racks only stopping for patterns, materials and textures I’m looking for. If you haven’t tried shopping by pattern and fabric only, give it a try! I promise it’ll cut down on the time you spend in the store.

I can’t forget about accessories! I love looking through the vintage costume jewelry, belts, wallets and bags. Just the other day, I scored a vintage Coach crossbody for $30! I may or may not have myself a little collection of vintage, all leather, Coach purses that was inspired by my mother.

My Most Treasured Finds

Excited to share with you some of my most beloved pieces that I’ve picked up over the years on thrifting excursions.

Blazer: Theory | Lace Top: Brand Unknown | Skirt: Tory Burch
Blouse: Brand Unknown | Skirt: BCBG
Love finding pieces with subtle feminine details. This top was marked as a size 8 but fits like a size small/medium.
Blazer: Brand Unknown | Dress: J. Crew
Blazer: BCBG | Blouse: Brand Unknown | Skirt: BCBG
This collar was eye catching and needed to come home. Was marked as a size 10 but fits like a small/medium.
Chambray Top: J. Crew | Skirt: J. Crew
Blazer: Tory Burch | Dress: Tory Burch
Dress: Theory | Blazer: Brand Unknown
Black Top: Brand Unknown | Floral Button-Up: Tory Burch | Cream Blouse: Brand Unknown

So many other great pieces I bought over the years and sadly gave away because I couldn’t figure out how to style. I look back at old photos of me wearing them and could seriously cry.

What I Avoid

This is personal preference and doesn’t mean you can’t find something great in these sections but I tend to avoid purchasing these type of items secondhand.


Shoes –

Cotton Tops – usually super worn out or pilled.

Pants – pants fit me weird to to begin with and have never had success finding pants that fit.

Do’s & Don’ts of Thrifting

Do look at other sizes! Have you heard of vanity sizing? If so, you know that sizes have come down over the years. Today’s size 4 top could be the equivalent to a size 10 or 12 top back in the day (Trust me on this one).

Don’t forget to check and see what the piece is made out of. Spending $5 on a shirt is great but not when it requires dry cleaning after each wear.

Do check out menswear. Especially blazers, button-ups and sweaters if you are looking for an oversized/boyfriend fit.

Don’t forget to stay true to your personal style. Yes that sequined blazer is fabulous but will you actually wear it?

Do wash your items before wearing them!

Looking for Inspiration?

If you are looking for thrifting inspiration or some new accounts to follow on Instagram, I can encourage enough to check out the following accounts.








Have I inspired you to hit a thrift store? All this talk of thrifting makes me want to hit up my local Goodwill and grab some new to me pieces for fall. If you do end up going and finding some new pieces to love, be sure to share them by adding #unapologeticallythrifted.

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