Monday Style Challenge #1

Hello my financial fashionistas –

I am kicking off a recurring series that I will launch each weekend to give you all time to prepare for my Monday Style Challenge!

As if Monday’s aren’t bad enough, I always find it the hardest day to get dressed in the morning. If I haven’t already laid out or thought of an outfit idea for work, I can almost guarantee you I will be running late. To help remedy the Monday morning struggle, I am sharing with you all a style challenge that will hopefully spark outfit inspiration.

To kick off the series, I thought a good place to start is digging deep into your closet to find a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in awhile. Whether its a pair of pants, a blazer, blouse or sweater you haven’t worn in ages, take it out and find a coordinating look for the office.

See my I will be wearing this Monday below:

Sweater//Old Navy (old) Watch//Michele (similar) Blouse//Ralph Lauren Pants//Banana Republic Heels//Michael Kors   Tote//Rebecca Minkoff

In the process of “Tidying Up” my clothes I came across this sweater I purchased years ago from Old Navy (Yes, you heard me correctly. I shop at Old Navy and have founds some incredible pieces there over the years. ) and challenged myself to incorporate it into a casual office look.

In the words of Barney Stinson, “Challenge Accepted.”

I’d love to see where the Monday Style Challenge takes you, share your outfit with me using #FFPMondayChallenge.

2 thoughts on “Monday Style Challenge #1

  1. Very cute outfit! Happy to hear that sweater is from Old Navy, I haven’t been there in a long time but they really do have cute stuff! My usual spot for affordable/stylish is Kohls lol 🙂

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