Buying Tweed in the Spring

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve really defined my personal style over the past few years. Things are subject to change but I am not uncertain on the following style choices:

  • Traditional pieces
  • Neutral colors – black, white, gray, beige, cream
  • Pops of Color – blush or burgundy
  • Soft details – piping, peplums, ruffles, bows
  • Texture – lace, eyelets, embroidery, knits and tweeds

My obsession with the clothing guidelines above has not altered over the past few years which has allowed me take advantage at end of season sales to add new pieces to my wardrobe. Case in point, buying tweed in the spring.

But Why?

Here in Chicago, we are *supposedly* transitioning from winter to spring. Its been hard to tell with the two April snowstorms we had with the latest occurring just the other weekend. Come on mother nature!

While stores are showing their pastels and spring dresses, I’ve been scouring the sales sections of their websites to re-stock my fall and winter wardrobe. I admit its not very fun to buy sweaters and other winter items when bloggers and friends are showing off their latest spring fashion but taking this hyper pro-active approach to shopping has allow me to save hundreds of dollars on clothing.

On my most recent shopping haul, I scored this beautiful tweed skirt from Loft for just under $30 (Full price $69.50) for instant savings of $40. Buy a few key pieces for fall and winter in this manner and you can easily save hundreds of dollars.

What to Look For

Seasonality aside, I keep a running list on my phone of pieces of clothing I am looking to add or replace in my wardrobe. To read more on how I determine when it’s time to get rid of clothing, check out my previous post “When to Say Goodbye”. Having a list keeps me accountable to only purchasing pieces that I need and keeps me from maxing out my closet (and credit card!).

As I’m strolling stores or scrolling through the sales sections online, I am always on the lookout for items on my list. Examples of items on my current shopping list:

  • Beige quilted jacket (replacing old jacket)
  • Black riding boots (replacing old pair)
  • Grey suede booties
  • Black patent leather pumps
  • Turtlenecks (Beige, tan or cream)
  • Blazers for work – tweed, black
  • Work Pants (always in need of more!)
  • Skirts for work – navy pencil, tweed, lace

This list is unlike a grocery list where the intention is to purchase everything on your next trip. With this list, my goal is to have everything purchased (on sale) by the fall. When I saw the tweed skirt, I instantly could picture myself wearing it with a black sweater, black tights and my black suede booties to the office. Once I start having visions of outfits and how it would fit in with my professional wardrobe, game over, the piece of clothing is coming home with me.

End Result: New Fall & Winter Wardrobe

With the slow transition to spring, I was able to wear my new purchase to the office (minus the tights and booties!). Now that the weather is finally changing, my plan is to store the skirt away with my winter wardrobe. Come the fall when I switch out my closets, it will be like Christmas morning having “new” clothes to pick from.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a crazy person buying cable knit sweaters in the dead of summer. It’s pre-planning your classic wardrobe purchases in advance and waiting for them to go on sale that allows the savings to really add up. This is the part when being a planner really pays off!

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