Travel Guide: St. Simon’s Island, Georgia.

I recently got back from a week long family trip to St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. I’d be surprised if some of you have heard of SSI already. This was my first time going to this gem of a Georgia sea island and I was blown away!

St. Simon’s is my parents happy place, they first vacationed there on their one-year wedding anniversary 30+ years ago and have been regularly vacationing there the past six years. Essentially this is their happy place and where they hope to retire some day and wanted to show off the island to the family.

As a family we regularly vacation on the east coast, Hilton Head down to Charleston, you name it and I’ve probably been there. Prior to this trip, my top vacation was Folly Beach, South Carolina, and St. Simon’s blew that trip out of the water.

For some context, St. Simon’s is around the same size of Manhattan but full of beaches, scenic marshes and golf courses all accessible by bike!

Where to Stay

The island is divided into different “neighborhoods”, there is the South End which is closest to the main Pier Village with the downtown vibe. Next neighborhood north is East Beach, which is full of condos, townhouses and homes where shorter-term vacationers stayed. This is where my family rented a townhouse using VBRO.

The neighborhoods further North, Mid-Island and beyond are where many of the full residents live. If you are visiting St. Simon’s for the first time, I would strongly encourage staying on the South End or East Beach.

Things To Do

St. Simon’s Lighthouse located in Neptune Park

Our trip was lasted seven days but we could have easily spent more time on the island and island adjacent exploring. There are many things on this list that we did not get a chance to check off but intend to on our next trip.

  • Bike Riding (see points of interest below)
  • Golf – King & Prince Resort, Sea Island
  • Beaches & Swimming
  • Explore St. Simon’s Island Lighthouse
  • Visit Jekyll Island – neighbor island to the South
  • Visit Cumberland Island
  • Day trip to Savannah, Georgia

Points of Interest

Avenue of the Oaks

On the island itself there are many places to explore, from quaint boutiques to historical landmarks, there is something for everyone and the list below can all be reached by bike.

  • Pier Village
  • Neptune Park
  • Redfern Village
  • Avenue of the Oaks
  • Fort Frederica
  • Cannon’s Point

Places to Eat

Southern Soul – incredible pulled pork and brisket!

There wasn’t a single place we went to on our trip that I didn’t love. Some of my favorite memories from the trip were riding out bikes from the VBRO into the Pier Village for dinner. The options for good BBQ and fresh seafood in St. Simon’s were endless, thankfully we would have the bike ride home to burn off some of the food!

  • Beachcomers – casual spot right of the beach with incredible brisket and pulled pork.
  • Crab Trap – for you seafood lovers, fresh oysters and so many varieties of shrimp.
  • CJs – pizza and Italian spot. I am pretty picky when it comes to pizza but this place was phenomenal!
  • Bubba Garcia’s – Mexican spot in Redfern Village.
  • Southern Soul – owned by golfing pro, Davis Love, Jr. Fantastic BBQ and be sure to try their fried green beans!
  • Brogen’s – one of the oldest restaurants on the island.
  • Palm Coast – incredible brunch menu!
  • Moo Cow – homemade ice cream. My favorite was the coconut!

Overall, St. Simon’s Island is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new vacation spot on the beach. My parents already booked their next trip in the winter and I plan on finding some vacation days to stay with them!

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