Poshmark Purchases

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recently joined Poshmark. It’s an online platform that connects buyers and sellers of pre-owned, high quality clothing. It’s essentially an online thrift store where you know you’ll find amazing designer pieces at reasonable prices.

I originally joined to sell some of my gently used clothing that no longer inspires me or fits into my personal style. Once I set-up my closet and posted my pieces, I couldn’t help but scroll through and see what other users had in their closets. I was blown away by the user friendly platform and how quickly I could sort by my size and favorite designers!

To make a long story short, I walked away from my first week on Poshmark with three beautiful, new to me, work pieces. It could have been so much worse but I stuck to my laurels and only purchased items that were on my list of things to pick up for the fall.

Enough talk, let me brag about the amazing items I got and how much money I saved by using Poshmark!

Tory Burch Wool Dress

Purchase Price: $70 | Original Price: $450

Tory Burch Embellished Blazer

Purchase Price: $150 | Original Price: $550

Tory Burch Tweed Skirt

Purchase Price: $47 | Original Price: $400

Are you noticing a pattern? I promise I wear other designers but I was especially blown away by selection of pieces on Poshmark by Tory Burch. I have always been a huge fan of her bags and shoes but when it comes to clothing, I have only been a fan from afar…until now! I find it financially irresponsible to spend between $200 – $600 for a single piece of clothing. What I love about her ascetic and collections are the use of texture and details on classic silhouettes to create the perfect mix of interest and elegance.

I had a very positive experience when it came to the shipping process. All my orders came within 2-4 business days and were pristine condition, as listed by the sellers. I’ve already started starring my favorite pieces and hoping to pull the trigger on a few of them after my self-imposed shopping ban. More on that later.

Would love to hear from you all about your Poshmark experiences and see what you’ve purchased!

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