Living With Money Podcast Episode 98

So excited to finally share with you all the podcast episode I recorded with Tim Mullooly on his Living with Money podcast! It was such a fun but nerve wrecking episode to record because it was my first time talking openly about my blog, The Financial Fashion Planner, and the catalyst for creating a blog in the first place. Now that the episode has gone live, there is no more hiding my little side project from co-workers and friends.

We had some great conversations around personal finance topics, dove into budgeting around the holidays and debated in-store shopping vs. online shopping! If you want to give the podcast a listen, click here!

Be sure to listen to the end where I share the best financial and personal/life advice I have ever been given. I hope you enjoy the episode and consider subscribing to Living With Money to learn more and hear from Tim’s incredible guests from the personal finance industry!

Happy Listening!

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