The Outfit Planner

Coming to you all live, from my couch. Earlier today I shared the vacation outfit planner I created to help me pack for my upcoming trip to Georgia and the response on social media was overwhelming! So instead of packing, which I should be doing, I made some tweaks to the planner based on your feedback and created a second out planner for work trips.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to packing at some point tonight. I am an expert (read indecisive) packer but thanks to this planner I should knock it out and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I will preface this planner by saying that it will not help you become a lighter packer. That has never been my style, you can ask my parents and the good people of Arcadia, Michigan, who saw me with a oversize purple suitcase AND Vera Bradley weekender for a week at camp. I don’t pack light but I do have an outfit for every situation and event.

What this planner will do is act as a guide when packing which should translate into more efficiency and reduce the time it takes to pack. By mapping out the week of vacation (or work) ahead in advance and thinking through the various events and activities it should become much easier to make a list of the items that need to go with you.

Vacation Outfit Planner

Download Away!

Sharing with you all my official vacation outfit planner to download and use as many times as necessary. As I mentioned, I am leaving for Georgia tomorrow for a golf trip and whipped up this template to help keep all my outfits straight for each day. Mapping out the week will ensure I have enough golf tops and skirts in addition to my water shoes for kayaking and bike riding and other planned outdoor activities.

Work Trip Outfit Planner

Some of the comments I got on social media were that this would be great for work trips. I don’t travel a lot for work but I can appreciate how challenging it would be to live out of a suitcase for the better part of a week. Well I listened, updated, and am sharing with you all an outfit planner for work trips. Hopefully your work trip is much shorter than the space provided and find the extra spots to make note on that day’s location and other notes specific to the day.

Click here to download.

Hope you all find these planners helpful and download them for your next vacation or work trip! Open to feedback if there are other things you’d like me to capture in these planners.

Happy Packing!

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