Financial Fashion Planner’s Guide: Home Buying

The past two months I’ve been sharing our home buying story and resources that we found helpful along the way. In an effort to organize and put all these resources in one place I wanted to provide a “super post” with links to my home buying centric posts and financial workbooks.

Am I Ready To Buy a Home?

If you are contemplating making the leap into home ownership, the first question you should ask yourself is ‘Am I Ready to Buy a Home?‘. This post details where to start, rules of thumb to consider and other questions to ask yourself like is this is in alignment with my other financial goals?

Navigating the Home Buying Process

Once you’ve decided buying a house is the next financial goal tackle, the next step is to assemble a “dream team” that will help you navigate the home buying process . While it’s fun to house hunt, be sure to do your homework first and make sure your finances will support the homes you’re touring.

Financial Worksheets

As a financial advisor, I cannot stress the importance of knowing your finances and understanding your cash flow before purchasing a home. A mortgage is often the biggest line item on the budget (and stickiest) and will have the greatest impact on your family’s cash flow in the years to come. Use this Excel workbook and worksheets to better understand your numbers.

We Bought a Home. Now What?

The work doesn’t stop once your offer is accepted by the sellers. This post goes over the financial aspects to consider after you’re approved for the mortgage and pre-moving tasks to check off your list.

Hope you like today’s super post! I would love your feedback on this format and if you found it more helpful than using the search tool bar to round up posts that are in common. If it’s a hit I plan to create a few more guides on here specific to starting a new job and navigating investment accounts.

Let me know!

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