PSA for All My Pink Ladies

Happy Sunday All!

I didn’t plan on posting anything today but all that changed after I stopped into H+M this afternoon for some “innocent” shopping. I was originally drawn to H+M (through today’s snow and slush) to check out a dress I saw online that I wanted to wear for Valentines Day. I prefer shopping in store vs. online because of the opportunity to feel the fabrics and see how the pieces fit me. I especially struggle with sizing at stores like H+M, Zara and Forever 21 and will always shop in store vs. online to avoid disappointment.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. I am so thankful that I walked into H+M this afternoon for this dress because I have an exciting announcement for you all! H+M is embracing blush and pale pink this upcoming season and have so many beautiful suiting options!

For those of you who have been following for awhile, I’m sure you’ve noticed my love for blush and pale pink clothing. There is a whole section of my closet dedicated to all my pink blazers, pants, blouses and skirts. I wear pink to the office at least once a week.

When I post my weekly work wear, I get the most compliments and questions on my pink blazers. The biggest question being, where can I buy this!? Sadly, most of my pink blazer are from a few years ago which makes me less than helpful. That changes today!

When I was in the Michigan avenue store today I counted at least six different light pink blazers in various lengths and style that I would have purchased instantly if I didn’t already own five pink blazers…

Just because I shouldn’t buy them doesn’t mean you can’t! To make browsing H+M’s website simpler, I’ve linked the ones I was able to find online below:

What did I tell you!?

H+M is embracing my color this season and I couldn’t be happier. In addition to pink blazers, there were quite a few options for pink work pants, blouses and skirts. I was in heaven and walked into the dressing room with close to 20 pieces.

Unfortunately, the pink blazer and matching pants that I walked out of the store today is not listed online…yet. I will keep checking and be sure to share that those links once H+M’s website is updated. In the meantime, I did want to share with you all my new favorite pink plaid blazer and matching work pants.

Blouse | Pants | Heels
Blazer | Blouse | Pants | Heels
Blazer | Blouse | Pants | Heels
Blazer | Blouse | Skirt | Heels

I love these pieces because they don’t scream pink but have the most gorgeous shade of pink in the pattern. That little touch of pink will allow me to mix and match to my heart’s desire with other pieces in my closet.

If you are obsessed with this set as much as I am and are in the Chicago area, run don’t walk to the Michigan Avenue story to pick up these beautiful work pieces! I can promise they will become regulars in my weekly work re-caps and you are going to wish you listened to me.

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend and a strong start to the week ahead!

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