Designer Splurge* : Rebecca Taylor

Wanted to share with you all my most recent purchases from Rebecca Taylor that were part of the end of the year sale.

*I use the term “splurge” loosely because while the pieces I recently purchased from Rebecca Taylor were more expensive than what I typically pay for a dress and top but I did not “splurge” and pay full price. These pieces were deeply discounted as part of their year end sale.

Rebecca Taylor is one of my favorite designers, every piece she makes has the components of a standout piece and would contribute to a standout outfit. The color pallets, prints, fabrics, textures and all the feminine details just make me fan girl over her designs. The other quality of the Rebecca Taylor’s lines that I adore is that they have pieces for the working professional! Not only are they fantastic work staples but they come in the most gorgeous colors and and rich fabrics. If I was a fashion designer, I could only assume my pieces would look like Rebecca Taylor pieces.

Okay, I think I’ve established, I love this designer. Well if I love this designer why don’t I have more of her pieces in my closet? That is were the financial advisor in me comes into play. As I mentioned in this post, I set budgets on how much I typically pay for a piece of clothing. In the case of Rebecca Taylor, no matter how beautiful the blazer or dress, this girl is not willing to shell out $400 for one dress. Unless…

This brings us to today, and why I bite the bullet and purchased this beautiful and stunning dress for $98. I normally set my max dress price at $60, so why did this one get my attention? Well let me count the ways for you.


If I am going to invest in a nice piece of clothing I need to make sure it can be worn in multiple settings. In the case of this gorgeous dress (and matching top) I can wear it work (done) and to a formal event or out for a nice date night. On the flip side it can also be dressed down and be re-purposed. More on that to come.

Dress | Belt – thrifted | Boots

Mix & Match Factor

Any big purchase I make has to play nicely with other pieces in my wardrobe. For those of you who have been following for a while, I have cultivated my personal style over the years. Wearing pink to work is a weekly if not bi-weekly occurrence so I will ALWAYS have a need for a piece a clothing that will play nicely with my pink blazer, pink skirts and pink work pants.

Dress | Blazer | Heels
Dress | Sweater | Heels


“The limit does not exist”!

When splurging on an item its important that the piece can be re-imagined. This is a deal breaker for me and was the reason I pulled the trigger on this dress. The possibilities of how to style and imagine this dress are endless. It can be worn as is (formal & professional), as a top and as a skirt. They way I look at it I didn’t spend $98 dollars on one dress, I spent $98 on three different pieces. Now that’s a price point that I am good with.

Dress | Skirt (similar) | Heels
Dress | Skirt (similar) | Heels
Dress | Sweater (similar) | Heels

Okay, so this print got me good. A floral print with a mix of pink, black and blue with feminine details. This print had my name all over it so I bought it in multiple pieces. The primary reason I also got the blouse was because I’ve had a “pink print blouse to pair with pink blazer” on my shopping list for over a year now.

I share all this with you for a few reasons. First, I plan on being more transparent with you all on my shopping habits on my blog going forward to show that you can be financially responsible, clothes obsessed and dress nicely at the same time. The second reason I wanted to give this dress it’s own fashion post was to put out there that its okay to splurge on items every once in a while but to do so responsibly and not at the sacrifice of your financial goals.

I started this post off obsessing over the brand but the reason I made the purchase was so much bigger than the label. Who cares how much you paid or what designer you are wearing if you don’t feel confident wearing it. At the end of the day that’s what’s most important!

Happy Styling!

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